Monsters and Artists
The female figure is the central protagonist in this fictional world, at once mysterious and playful. Since the 1990’s, I have worked on reinventing, with a post-historical approach, themes which are dear to the XVIII century, namely, that of the « monkey painter » and other parodies and allegories of the « artist » figure, in which the futile vanity of the creative act is examined. In my “monster” works, I visit this subject anew, but consider it further by adding the question of gender. The female characters here presented function not so much as self-portraits but rather as hybrid alter-egos, through which certain archetypes can be explored. In this feminine landscape that emerges from the subconscious realm, psychological projections materialise and instinctively take on monstrous, organic and plant-like forms. In these works I explore self and identity less in terms of a masking or a destructive iconoclasm, but through an evolution, morphing, or subliminal emergence from a kind of post-cognitive swamp.
  Copyright © Alicia Paz 2006-14